From collecting scrap in a wheelbarrow to a 178,000 sq.m. recycling centre and over 300 employees worldwide: Founded in 1898, Nord-Schrott has grown over the course of time to become a specialised wholesale, production and disposal company thanks to its business acumen.

1970s und 1980s

Schrott-Lassen took over the activities of the company Christian Lassen, and four years later, Michael Lassen became the Managing Partner. Nord-Schrott GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a result of a further merger with L. Feldhaus GmbH, and at this time, it had 30 employees.

Nord-Schrott started in Flensburg with its Head Office in Lilienthalstraße and an operating site in Trollseeweg with a 600 tonne Bronneberg shear. The 15,000 sq.m. site at Lilienthalstraße was gradually expanded to 70,000 sq.m. and reinforced in line with the latest environmental guidelines. Concreted areas with sewage canal, coalescence separator, oil separator and a reservoir are standard. Maintaining the site and constantly refining it to meet new standards went without saying, even then. At the end of the 80s, the operation was expanded to include a shredder and a can crusher.

At this point, Nord-Schrott had 40 employees. The truck fleet was also continually enlarged.

1990s und 2000s

Jens Roed became a Partner at Nord-Schrott in the 1990s. With two new metal presses and special vehicles for loading overseas containers, further expansion was also achieved in the area of metal, aluminium, brass, cables and electric motors in the 90s. The site was again enlarged by more than 55,000 sq.m. to reflect the greater need for space resulting from heightened activities in the area of electronic scrap. The recycling park in Husumer Straße was opened and a plant for separating composite metals was commissioned.

Nord-Schrott was growing steadily in Flensburg and at this point, it employed 183 people in an area measuring 130,000 sq.m. The entire group had 256 employees. A new building in Lilienthalstraße which houses our in-house laboratory to ensure the consistently high quality of our raw materials, as well as further heated warehouses were not long in coming. We also commissioned a further Leimbach shear. Nord-Schrott International was set up with a sales office in Karben / Frankfurt, and Joachim Middeldorf Rohstoffhandel GmbH from Krefeld was absorbed as a further member of the Nord-Schrott family in 2011.

It also quickly became clear that a proprietary warehouse would have to be opened in the Far East. This became a reality in the shape of Nord-Schrott India, north of Mumbai in Gujarat. Today, there are 192 employees working in material processing and offices in the recycling facility in Flensburg which has now been expanded to 178,000 sq.m. There are now 317 employees working for the Group around the world.