was founded in 1898, and to this day is a company managed by its owners. Metal and scrap of all types and standards are sorted, tested and reprocessed in accordance with the demands of our customers in Europe and around the world in an area measuring 178,000 sq.m.

192 employees ensure that this material is clean and of high quality and that it reaches our industrial customers quickly and safely for further processing. Our particular, primary concern is always to establish a personal, long-term relationship with our customers. Trustworthy, transparent conduct still constitutes an important element of Nord-Schrott's corporate philosophy.

Equipped with comprehensive certification and technical facilities, Nord-Schrott is ideally set up for the recycling and safe disposal of waste material of all kinds.

International scrap and metal trade
For us as a recycling and disposal company operating around the world, well-oiled services and a short chain of command are an essential prerequisite of smooth processes. We meet this aspiration by maintaining Nord-Schrott locations in Europe and the Far East as well as through our local dealers in the whole of Germany, Scandinavia and Poland.
Our scrapyard in Flensburg is the hub of our worldwide operation. 192 employees are to be found here, working in purchasing and sales as well as the recycling and reprocessing of scrap and metal. We operate trading offices in Tianjin, China as well as to the north of Mumbai, India in order to be at the heart of the action at all times and approachable for you at short notice.
In this way, Nord-Schrott is able to remain true to its principle of looking after the concerns of its customers around the world at any time in spite of time differences.

Logistics across Europe
Our trucks transport waste metal and scrap throughout Europe. As highlights of the Nord-Schrott truck fleet, two of our trucks boast special artwork depicting our home town of Flensburg and our metal trade. We pick up your waste material from anywhere, whether metal, scrap or e-scrap, at short notice and punctually, and supply our customers with high-quality raw materials. Our experienced logistics team is on the road for you and available 24 hours a day with our own fleet of trucks.
The smooth flow of material throughout the entire world requires in-depth knowledge of the complex laws of logistics as well as of imports and exports. We have acquired this knowledge in the course of many decades and we have mastered the subject down to the last detail.

The Group

Nord-Schrott International

International metal trade

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Balzersen GmbH & Co. KG

Demolition, disposal, container service & landfill

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RecyclingPark Flensburg

Disposal company for the area of Flensburg

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Joachim Middeldorf

Trading in stainless steel and alloyed scarp

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H. + G. Lorenz GmbH & Co. KG

Steel and stainless steel processing

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