Place 3! Nord-Schrott scores particularly well with employer image in exclusive study

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Nord-Schrott scores with its employer image

In the article “The family businesses that Germans trust,” WirtschaftsWoche published the results of the study online on 13 December 2023, which was conducted by the market research institute Innofact for the fourth time.

Almost 1,500 participants rated family businesses with a turnover of between 250 million and one billion euros according to trust, quality, innovation, sustainability, and image criteria.

Many well-known brands such as Ravensburger (1st place), Rittersport (2nd place), Ehrmann, Katjes, Teekanne, and baby food producer Hipp keep Nord-Schrott company in the top places.

We are incredibly proud to take third place in this survey of the best family businesses. Thanks to particularly good scores in the Employer Image category, this great result places us among the absolute top brands!

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